Geoff Senior has been a professional artist and illustrator for over 35 years. Although most notorious for his work on Transformers comic in the 1980s, he has provided artwork for many comic titles including Action Force, Dragon’s Claws and Judge Dredd. Geoff also created the Death’s Head character for Marvel in 1987 with writer Simon Furman.

Since the 1990s Geoff has primarily applied his talents in the advertising world, producing many thousands of storyboard frames, visuals and animations for some award-winning television commercials.

More recently, Geoff has collaborated with longtime cohort, Simon Furman, on the online comic series To the Death which has been critically very well received.


I’ll be attending London Film & Comin Con from 28 – 30 July 2017.
I will have prints for sale and I'm also taking A4 commissions ahead of the show which you can pay/pick up there. Go to the commissions page for prices and enquiries. Card payments accepted at the show. I’m not tied to drawing TF/Deaths Head/Action Force etc. so please feel free to request any character you like!

I've also gate 'crashed' my way into TF Nation in Birmingham Aug 12/13 !  I have a couple of commission slots left for pay/pickup at the convention. Anyone interested please checkout 'Commissions' for pricing and contact. I'll only be able to do quick sketches (£40) at the event.

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